Baharat!! came about as a result of an observation by A’isha that there were no groups in her area that were filling the need for entertainment featuring authentic dances from these regions. Baharat!! is lauded by all who have enjoyed their performances as being not only very authentic in their portrayals of dances from other cultures, but also of giving audiences a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Baharat!! is “quality entertainment spiced with the flavors of the Middle East”.

     Under the direction of A'isha Azar, this versatile dance company entertains and educates audiences through their richly expressive, narrated performances. Baharat!! productions can be geared to any type of audience, from the casual party to the concert hall. Our unique presentations can be adapted to many different venues and events. We can provide a 10-minute solo belly dance or a full-length stage extravaganza celebrating the diverse cultures and regions of the Middle East and North Africa through music, colorful costuming and DANCE!