Amina comes to Baharat!! with a background in dance, theatre and music. She began studying music in grade school and belonged to mixed chorus. Her interest in theatre began in grade school as well and she took part in school plays. At the age of 12, she studied ballroom dance. When she entered high school, she developed an interest in Modern dance and took classes. She was also a member of theatre Club in High School and played two leading roles. Amina was active in community theatre throughout the 1970s. She has been active in Contra dance as well, and has participated in Contra dance groups in many different areas, including Idaho, Virginia, Oregon and Washington. She very much enjoys all kinds of dance.

Amina first encountered belly dance in the 1970s, and fell in love with it. Because she traveled extensively, she did not find an opportunity to study the dance for many years. She finally was able to begin her studies in Middle Eastern dance in 2000, in Portland, Oregon. She studied American Oriental there with Nemra Kahn. Amina has taken classes and workshops with Nabeela el Shalimar, Jennet, Salome, Rachel Brice, A'isha Azar and Shareen el Safy, and continues her studies in Middle Eastern dance.

Amina has worked with Baharat!! as a guest in their productions for some time and the members of the company felt that she was a perfect fit, and so asked her to join them in 2006. Amina finds that her heartstrings are pulled toward the various folkloric dances of the Middle East and North Africa. She is a particularly skilled Beledi dancer and gravitates toward the Egyptian folk dances, especially. She brings out the light hearted, flirtatious innocence that is often found in the folkloric dances of the Egyptian countryside. This is a most valuable contribution to Baharat!!