Hadijeh hails from Miami, Florida, where she began her studies in dance in 1977, and was involved in the dance community there and in the surrounding region. She began her studies in Middle Eastern dance with Florida's Scheherezade and has also studied with Morocco of New York. Hadijeh has traveled to North Africa with Morocco and learned much about dance and culture through her experiences. She was a member of Miami's Harem Mystique dance company, who specialized in the American Cabaret style. She has danced professionally in Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and in Morocco.

Hadijeh taught American cabaret belly dance for four years in Miami and during this time also performed with Harem Mystique, providing entertainment to Miami's general public and to dance enthusiasts. Several of her students went on to become professional dancers. She is especially proud of having had an influence on the career of her student, Lamis, who has gone on to be chosen by Miami's dance community for several dance awards.

Hadijeh moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2001. She decided at this time to change her focus in dance as well as her physical location and she began to study Egyptian belly dance and folkloric dance with A'isha Azar. A'isha liked what she saw in Hadijeh. She is a dancer who brings her own blend of traditional and modern to the dance. A'isha very much appreciated that this dancer could add another dimension to her vision for a dance company.

Hadijeh participated in a regional folk festival with A'isha and a host of students and professional dancers. A'isha was impressed with her dance ability, her support of her fellow performers and her clear willingness to give her full attention to and support for the theme and essence of the production. Baharat!! members feel fortunate that she decided to relocate in the Northwest!

In Spring, 2006, Hadijeh traveled to Egypt. She went on a Nile Cruise on the M. S. Stephanie, where she performed at a special event on board. The experience was great fun for her and she hopes to return to Egypt soon.

Hadijeh is one of the founding members of Baharat!!