Janine began Middle Eastern dance studies in 1976, in Phoenix, Arizona, where she was living at the time. She has a background in Pacific Island dance as well, including Hula.

Janine has studied with a large number of dancers throughout her career and considers continuing education a necessity for being the best dancer she can be. She names as her most influential instructors, Seattle's Zaphara, Feiruz Aram, A'isha Azar, Aziz of Utah and Nabeela El Shalimar. Janine has an intensive background in prop dancing and loves goblet and tray dancing. She is considered to be among the best in these styles.

Janine moved to the Northwest in 1978 and studied at Shajar Arusch Studio. She became a member of Shajar Arusch dancers in that year and continued to dance with them until 1979. She performed with Spectacular Rhythms from 1981 through 1982. During this time she performed in several different clubs in the region and was the house dancer at Niko's, a Greek and Arab restaurant, from 1982 through 1984. Through the mid-1980s she was the owner of a humorous Gram company called, “Gylanics”. Two of her favorite characters were a belly dancing gorilla and a geriatric belly dancer.

Janine began her Polynesian studies in 1978 and has been active in two different dance groups since then; the Lei Lani Dancers, and the group she currently performs with, the Polynesian Haouli Dancers.

Janine is one of the long-standing members in the Middle Eastern dance community in the Northwest. She is a dancer of great personal warmth and charm, as well as lovely dance technique. Baharat!! is happy to have her as a member because her experience and dance talent enrich the company immensely!