Joumana has studied several different forms of dance. She began her studies in dance with two years of ballet and one year of tap. She found that dance could contribute to her spiritual growth and was a liturgical dancer with her church's dance group.

Joumana became involved with the Northwest Renaissance Festival in 1999 and performed as a regular actor with them through 2006. Through her work in the Faire, she has also become well versed in Renaissance dances. In 2004 she was given the part of Queen Anne of England, a part which she greatly enjoyed playing. The Renaissance Faire's Gypsy dance group has asked Joumana to perform with them in a dance capacity as well.

Joumana began studying Egyptian belly dance and folkloric dances in 2003 with A'isha Azar. She found that she was fascinated with the dances and A'isha saw the latent talent within her. After just a few months, her instructor felt that Joumana was ready to participate in student recitals and other types of amateur performances. She danced with A'isha's group, “A'isha Azar and Friends” at the 2003 Fall Folk Festival. During this event, her performances were so well done and so strongly appreciated by both the audience and her fellow dancers, that it was clear she was ready to become a part of a more professionally oriented dance company. She is a great asset to Baharat!!, drawing on her acting abilities as well as her innate feel and talent for the dances of the Middle East.

Joumana is currently the youngest original member of Baharat!! She turned twenty-one in April 2006, but she has experience and maturity beyond her years. This shows in her dedication to her dance studies and in the way that she works toward perfection for every performance. She is also currently in school to become a flight attendant. She has hopes of working on international flights, with the Arab countries as her main interest.

Joumana is a founding member of Baharat!!